VIP features, and Rules

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VIP features, and Rules

Post  Kiro on Fri 28 Dec 2012, 03:33


-Ability to use:
Votekick, mute, gag,
-Adanced map voting
Nice yellow highlight on forums!
You recive 1000 Point Shop Points
You recive 500 points after every month!
You help the server to stay alive!
Reversed slot when server is full! You don't have to wait to join!

Trusted Donators:
Same extras, but can voteban people, and slap aswell


1. RDM result with people you killed/day. It's only RDM if you kill at least 2 guy randomly. (eg.:You walk around ill 4 people, that means you get 4 day ban)
2. Do not abuse with glitches. Abusing them will result in several weeks of ban.
3. If you see someone abusing, you must report him.
4. You must follow what the admin's say. If they abuse, report it.
5. Also don't abuse with your powers of course. It's result with a demote, and a long ban.
6. Saying that, you are a Traitor is NOT abannable offense.
7. Swearing is forbidden. If you have problems, tell it to the other in a private channel.
8. Asking for a ban means PERMAMENT ban! Keep this rule in mind.
9. Spamming is stricly forbidden. This includes chat, mics, or item spawning.
10. Ghosting ruins everyone's gameplay - it's not really suggested (ban/kick)

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