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Guide and instructions

Post  Kiro on Sat 19 Jan 2013, 00:55

You arrived to City 18

You just woke up in the terminal... You are a citizen. You have to get a proper job in City 18, otherwise the civil protection might amputate you for not being a useful member of the society.

You might become a CWU member, who can make mixtures to sell it for shop keepers.
You also can be a cook, sohp keeper, and such as a medic, The CWU chief can give you different jobs as a citizen, and he leads the citizens.

You might also become someone in the Hospital. Become a medic, or a HELIX unit, or the medical chief who lead HELIX units and medics.

Also, you can be a civil protection unit. After that, you can become a combine overwatch soldier, elite and such like that.


Civil Protection units can fine you, hurt you, arrest you, and amputate you.
Here is the list of some laws+punishment:

Disrepecting combine/chiefs: 45c
Throwing things on Combine: 50c fine
Refusing to arrest: 85c fine
Refusing to arrest + running away: Amputate
Owning light weapons (pistol, .357, crowbar, knife): 150c fine + weapon confiscation + 5 minutes jail
Owning heavy weapons (SMG, AR2, Shotgun, Frag, RPG,): Immidiate amputate
Unauthorized vehicle owning: 300c fine + vehicle confiscation
Robbing: 15 minutes of jail + 85c fine
Assasulting: 15 minutes of jail + 80c fine
Asasulting/Murdering combine: Amputate


1, Massive RDM is forbidden. It's even true for combines - you must have a valid reason for killing people - You might hurt them anyway.
2, Administrator's instructions must be followed at all times.
3, Pay your fines! If you don't have enough money, its your fault. Think before attempting to break a law.
4, Suiciding, get CP's to shot oyu to death to avoid fine is not recommended, cause you might loose more money by suiciding etc than paying the fine.
5, Disconnecting to avoid fine is forbidden.
6, Combine forces are stronger than you, so you shoudn't try to kidnap them...
7, If you are a combine, you only can become a rouge if you really RP it, and correctly to the Half Life 2 universe, and with only an administrator's permission (!)
8, Admin's always right.
9, You MUST follow the orders what came from above. If you don't do so, administrator/chief can demote you.
10, If you die, you lose all your memories, you don't even know your friends anymore. (NR - New Life Rule)
11, Abusing with your powers will result in a long ban, and permament revoke of your rights.
12, Breaking any of these rules will result in the removing you from the server, and might restrict you to join for a given amount of time. Moon-Gaming (Lanka Bt.) is reverses the right to restrict anyone from joining to Moon-Gamin NPO. servers.
13, Metagaming is strictly forbidden. Don't use OOC infromations for IC activity.
OOC: Out Of Character, in-game (OOC) chat, steam-chat, skype, and all other form of gathering IC information about the IC things without the server (Simple chat, PM, and such) means metagame if you use it. OOC means the htings what is not belongs to the character what you playing with.
IC: Normal chat inside the server between the players's character. In this chat you can talk about anything you wan't but OOC things.
14, Purchasing VIP account is not means that, you are free from the rules.
15, Rule 14 is true for trusted players, moderators and admins.
16, If you are a rebel, don't camp in nexus
17, Spawnkilling is forbidden.
18, Spamming can result a permament ban.
19, Hacking will result permament ban.

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